5/3- Sarah Manguso

Sarah Manguso and Harris had been friends since college but her friendship with him has ended. When Harris committed suicide by jumping in front of a Metro North train in 2008.Life has changed in an instant when she heard the news.  Their friendship was strong, they were like brother and sister. Once some has asked why they never dated.  She said their relationship wouldn’t be the same. They were really comfortable to talk about anything that would have changed. Didion states” And of course the whole memory  of that morning has been written over with what has happened since; My friend,who stood with me and helped me, who hugged me as we walked back toward the city from the river shore, is dead.” (pp.19)  Manguso uses this as metaphor to explain how her memories with Harris is dead like the shore. The relationship was important to her and later through out the novel she comes to reality and realizes that Harris is actually gone and he will not come back. In my opinion, she probably had a hard time writing this book, it has brought her many memories of their friendship. The goal in writing this book was to bring awareness of death and suicide. Also to write about how a man gave up his life and how that has affected everyone especially Sarah Manguso. I find this book interesting so far, she sounds honest when explaining her stories.


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