5/8 Guardians

Manguso tells the story of friendship with Harris and how much it meant to her. How his passing has affected her and how she moved on. She didn’t move on for a while after a few years. When Harris passed away she was in denial and would’t accept he was dead. In (pp.97), it states “What if some one told me I didn’t have to think about Harris anymore?You don’t have to remember him.No one else does. You never have think about him again.” Manguso wanted reassurance that everything was going to be okay and she didn’t have to think about her friend. Manguso says everything happens for a reason. One friend dies, the other continues living. In pp.94, it states, ” It’s tempting to try to claim I have learned something very important from the experience of Harris’s death , that it’s instruction will serve me as I continue living , that everything happens for a reason decided upon by an omniscient beneficent reasoning force.” As a Jew, they are not allowed to ask to believe in that and could possibly exist in the universe. But Manguso  has learned she is capable of outliving Harris and she might live longer. In my opinion, the word handling is a good way to handle a death. What other word would be good to use? When you find out someone has died, you have to handle that death and cope with it until you move on.  Harris’s death reflects Manguso’s grief  and she states how lucky she was to have him as friend.


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